Authorized Ticket Retailers

Avoid ticket scams - use this list of authorized ticket retailers.

These are the only sites or physical locations we suggest that you purchase from. Any other locations could potentially be overcharging greatly.

  • Purchase directly from a Shriner that you know.
  • Purchase directly at the event center box offices. There are no added fees unless you use a credit card, at which point they will charge a small additional credit card fee, but no ticketmaster fees are added.
  • In December we will begin publishing a location list of partner businesses where you can purchase authentic Shrine Circus tickets at a very special price. For 2019, tickets purchased from Shriners or from authorized partner resellers, you will be able to enjoy savings like never before. Our new partner pricing for direct sales will be a special ticket that allows general admission entry for 2 people, regardless of age, for just $15. At $7.50 per person on this special ticket it's the lowest price available anywhere. Anyone can use these tickets at any performance.
    Click here for a list of our partner businesses.
  • The only online site with authentic published prices is Please note you will pay additional fees for "convenience" and "processing."